Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Discover the Wild

India's richness about technologies, GDP, human relations etc, can be debated. What is out of a debate is India's wildlife richness. It's rich in all sense, however, conservation is of course a matter of debate again. Said that, in India one need not to struggle much if want to get into wild and capture the essence.

I'm sharing one of my achievement in discovering a new insect in wild on fine summer morning. Not too far from my place, while once in Sukhna forest (Chandigarh), I emphasised on tiny insects which we wildlife photographers often ignore in search for good sightings. With experience, I knew, how much of importance small creatures can deliver. *You always need not to have a macro lens in your bucket*

Surprisingly I found this tiny friend, and curious to know its identity. Not much bigger than 1/4th of our little finger's nail, a red, triangle, concave shaped, insect.

Post my research on this fella, I never found a reference to it. Have consulted experts in this field, but they too found it surprisingly new to them. However, to create an identification for a newly discovered specie, some basic specific research need to be done against the specie like it's food, habitat, social presence, genetic etc. which never happened as I never found it again. Nonetheless, I don't regret because I've spent a good time (actually hard) managing to shoot this fella with my kit lens.

*So, live the moment, feel the wild, you don't know what's next*

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