Saturday, 21 January 2017

8:00 PM in Chennai

      Chennai 53. This is how the postal code is referred here in. Had to shut the windows and door as rain water were pouring in. Sitting inclined to the wall below the window cushioned by the small green pillow I have. Weather is much pleasant than yesterday so had put off the fan.12 out of 15 coconuts are tough enough to fight the rain till now on the tree just in front of my terrace. Sat for sometime, thoughtless, and then a though made me blink, and think that had there been some water conversion measures around, so much of natural water could have been transported to draught areas, and there should be no need to transport water from so far.. 

         I heard some birds chipping around. Ohh the rain should have stopped. Soon I opened the window, my small room filled with cool breeze. The guava tree raising it's arms towards my window is loaded with water drops. The sky is dark enough to tell me, the show is still on. The aroma of the wet soil is beyond explanation. The rain has paused after hours so I should immediately go for food. I am already in my lower so just a shirt would do the rest. Slipped on my floaters, and locked the door. 

         Climbing down on first floor, met the kid. Around 3yrs he's so adorable, I caught his cheeks. Soon a lady called him inside with a rude voice in tamil language. Since the are Muslim family, I thought they would speak hindi. Hope his mother didn't like him with strangers. I climbed further down to the main entrance. The road was very much clean which was against my expectation. I thought of overflowing water around. Well, that's good. I just have crossed the crossroad and it began drizzling again. The road ahead is a total chaos. I have to fold up my lower to escape the stag water. Started with dipped floaters, now water is up to half way to my knee. There's not an inch space between vehicles. Specially ladies on their two stroke vehicles are fighting odd. Ladies carrying fishes on their head are in hurry. Meanwhile a green polythene clamped my leg. Tried to jerk my leg to get rid of it, made a splash along with few eyes with big eyebrows raised towards me. I know people are already fed up with the jam, and the anger just needs a reason (even silly) to burst out. 

         With no hope to reach out to food joint in this rain, I need to return back. Don't know when that polythene set my leg free of it. Soon got rid of the water and descended to my room. I am back with nothing to eat. It was dark.. sat again to the wall under window. Thoughtless, at 8PM..

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