Monday, 20 February 2017

60kms from Chandigarh

No matter which season is it, once the grip of the tyres kisses the Himalayan Express Highway, there's no way you can take a u-turn without at least having a burger at McDonald's or a typical Himachali chai near Timber trail. Himalayan express highway is no more a thoughtful drive to me, as it takes just 3mins for me to be on it from my home. Often my entire family use to go foe a evening snack or say a refreshment on to this highway. Once you're on this highway, which starts from the Chandigarh-Baddi crossing, there's no destination for you. At least I get my bike drive through all curves, until I am filled or there's a time constrain.

Curves pass by, accelerator tightens and looses along with the curves, you have the wind hitting your face, and making you feel on top of the world. You're so engrossed in driving, that you don't notice the distance covered because there's no distance yet to drive. Every halt is a destination in itself. Be it the barog railway over-bridge, or Dharampur market, or any corn seller sitting aside the highway. 

However, if you really want to go anywhere near, in lap of hills, and experience an entirely different climate and atmosphere, it's just 60kms from Chandigarh, on the same Himalayan Express Highway. Although, if you're a first timer, or no matter how many times you passed through this highway, you'll always happen to go for several destinations, while you drive this 60kms.      

Here are some scenic views of the Himalayan Express Highway which would take you to Kasauli (undoubtedly, came into picture after the Hindi movie "Koi Mil Gaya" portrayed Hrithik Roshan to be an inhabitant of this wonderful Himalayan town). Though, Kasauli has attracted tourists by folds over the years, still it's an unbeatable destination for people of all sorts. No matter if you are a Nature lover, Wildlife lover, party dog, want to stay unreachable, or enjoy crowd and shopping for that matter, Kasauli should prove a single stop for you all. I've been this place so many times, over years, and in all seasons, I can bet, Kasauli offers entirely different views round the year. There's no best time to visit this place, but the only best time, if at all, should be the time you can spare for yourself. Kasauli is a place for you to be yourself and nothing else. 

There are plenty of hotels. No matter if you are a budget traveller or a lavish lad, you're going to get your place round the year. Primarily for Delhites, (as they say) Kasauli has became a weekend gayeway, and they love to spend their weekends in the lap of Nature. 

I have no complains, for anyone, until they keep this small wonderful place, clean and green.

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