Saturday, 3 February 2018

Lansdowne- The City Unpredictable

This piece of work is neither a documentary, nor a sponsored project. Lansdowne, which is a wonderful small hill station of Uttrakhand (India), is well known for few tourist attractions. I personally as a traveler, as well as a photographer, feel very pity that most of the visitors devalue such a wonderful place by labeling those few man-made attraction points, but neglect the beauty all around them. In my two day stay in here, this hill station showed me almost all flavors it can. The climate was changing every now and then, and there was no end to my curiosity-- what's next?

With this photo-story I would let you travel this beautiful city, minus all those famous tourist attraction junctions. If you have ever went to Lansdowne, you'll find many of the images new, although, you must have gone through or been there for sure.. but who knows, if you can recall?

NOTE: Most of these photographs could be purchased and licensed for commercial usage via Getty Images. Please reach out to me in case you are interested.

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