It’s always fascinating to see the same thing from different perspective. India, being one of the richest country in terms of wildlife, flora, culture and heritage, also holds a responsibility to protect the same for our upcoming generations. Here, I come forward to be another set of eye for you to explore, India. I go from crowd to corners, urban to wild, and from easy accessible to extreme, to get something different, something exciting, that's what makes me a photographer, perhaps a story teller. I am mentioned in quite a few international project(s) and awards, along with being associated with an NGO in India. I almost stick to Nature and Wildlife photography, which in turn gives me enough room to tell my travel stories as well. At times, I do see a strong cultural story around, and need to shoot people; I don't let it go..

Everyone has a curious cat inside them, so as me. I quench my curiosity with my camera. However, the images I take, are incomplete, if you don’t get to know about the story behind. I am sure, my images would take you to exactly where I wanted to, thus, feeding the hungry cat in you..