I have been fortunate enough to get my work showcased on different eminent platform(s) ranging from getting published over websites to photo diaries and international exhibitions. Below are some of the accolades worth mentioning.  

Publication in Wildlife Articles [A website from UK, dedicated to wildlife publications] of Innocent Monitor Lizards

by · 23rd February 2017

Monitor Lizard (varanus genus), a reptile specie which is said to be distributed all over the world, is a wonderful animal, who lives on his own, feeding upon small invertebrates (or few vertebrates as well like frogs etc. for that matter). Said that, this animal has nothing to do with humans at all, hence logically, man-animal conflict shouldn’t come into picture. But how can we forget that humans have to do with anything and everything over this planet irrespective of the fact that it bothers him or not in any ways.

One of my Asiatic Lion portrait was Africa Geographic editor's choice to showcase it (among others' work) on their website in 2013. Africa Geographic is a renowned and highly acclaimed African magazine, which has been very famous organization among wildlife enthusiasts. *Back in 2013, I used "Black Pearl" as my pen name*

Immagine, which is a renowned Indian NGO, for promoting photography, considered publishing my leopard portrait while building their website. My image, found a permanent place on their website's home screen gallery slideshow since then. Immagine has been a Limca book records, and Indian Hon. PMO recognized institution which has eminently contributed towards uplifting Indian photographers via various means.

People and Planet is one of the international NGO (from Australia), acclaimed worldwide for it's charity and fund raising by selling out it's photo diaries, calendars and much more. Among all, the annual diary publication of the NGO attracts many eyes. My Asiatic Lion's portrait also found it's place in it's 2014 photo diary, followed by a grand exhibition in Melbourne.

Back in year 2013, got one of my Asiatic Lioness portrait selected for website publishing by Wild Photo Mag, an online Wildlife magazine, rooted from African sub continent.

A Russian media channel used my Hindu Monk image for their article over the Maha Kumbh festival which they intended to write about. The good part was, they used the exact story behind the photograph (without any alteration), which I provided them along with the image. This was my first international media publication.

My photograph got recognition by being awarded as one of the three Mega Winner in Monochrome category, against "Do the New" photography contest done nation wide by Fujifilm India Ltd.

This image of mine was widely acknowledged by different organization and publications, where Fujifilm India Ltd. and Immagine NGO are worth mentioning. While Fujifilm awarded this image in their "Rustic Hues" section, the later did got this published on their social media platform. This image was later on also pinned on Pinterest by Fujifilm India.