Indian Wildlife

Luck and Patience

The bird was sighted crossing our path at least 10mtrs from us. The side towards which the bird made its way was the river bank but due to dense trees and bushes, we weren't able to see where the bird exactly was. Now, if we would step further, chances were the bird would fly away and we won't be able to see it. In fact, still there were no guarantee that if we stay back, the bird won't fly.

In Preparation of Prey
Snakes in actual, do fear humans more than humans fear them. This is the reason, that being a Wildlife photographer, I have more responsibility to not let the animal fall in stress or make it aggressive just in order to make a great shot.

Surprise Wildlife Sighting
The city is well known of its fortresses and palaces and lakes. Whilst I was shooting the travel, inside one of the fort, my friend spotted something on top of the ceiling. It was dark enough for any one of us to see what was it. A calm look towards the ceiling made sure the presence of a bat.

Plight of innocent Monitor Lizard;postID=5219608202881036338;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname
They do believe to the extent, that no woman who’s expecting, should see the lizard, else the newly born would be affected for sure and their belief is so strong that they don’t tolerate the lizard even around a corner of their town. People who are concerned about their daily office and home making, have very less knowledge about this specie.

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India's richness about technologies, GDP, human relations etc, can be debated. What is out of a debate is India's wildlife richness. It's rich in all sense, however, conservation is of course a matter of debate again. Said that, in India one need not to struggle much if want to get into wild and capture the essence.

Bird Paradise turned into Jogger's Park
After 2hrs approx. there was no stop to vehicles honking over the road, going along with the sanctuary peripheral. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel yourself in middle of a busy crossroad.
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