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Lansdowne- The City Unpredictable

With this photo-story I would let you travel this beautiful city, minus all those famous tourist attraction junctions.

Beauty of Nainital

It took me one entire day to shoot some of these pristine views of Nainital which may be a daily dose for the local residents, but of course an eye-stunner for people like me who reside hundreds of miles away. 

Documenting Delhi Flea Market
One of the prime attraction of Delhi has always been the infamous Chandni Chowk for multiple reasons. Starting from Asia’s biggest spice market, India’s second largest flea market, authentic and delicious Mughlai dishes, cloth market, book market and 16-17th century houses across the lanes.

Leopard on Other Side of The Rock
I never felt my heart racing so badly, before that I learnt the presence of leopard around me. My right leg was on a rocky edge, and left one in air trying to shift left side of the sharply inclined rocky slope of the forest. I was holding a deeply rooted shrub with my right hand, which was eventually bearing my entire weight, and protecting my camera with the other hand.

Indian Elephants: God or Slave
The Amer fort, in Jaipur offers tourists a ride from the road, straight into the fort for INR 1100 (one way). This luxurious entertaining trip are carried out mostly by baby elephants, along with some of their elders too. No matter if it’s a cloudy day, rainy day or the sun is beating out the skin, these slaves have to perform for what they are- that is to entertain tourists. Not once, or twice, or thrice, these animals are forced to ferry tourists round the day.

Story: None bothers about such heroes

“Bhaishaab” (brother), and a pair of hand was behind me asking for a hand shake. A man, bending to greet me with a smile on his face. Though, the face wasn’t clearly visible in that poor light of bulb fighting all the way to lit up the dark kitchen room.

Taki: The lesser known hamlet
Tourists, especially from Kolkata city come here to cut themselves off from the hush-bush of the city, and enjoy the village stay which includes roaming around the village on open cart (which is the primary mode of transport for villagers). The cart for 5 persons, won’t cost more than 300 INR, to get a village tour for 3-4hrs approx.

Noon Chai
If you are in Kashmir, and are about to return without having a sip of this wonderful tea, rush back to any tea stall to get one for yourself, because this is not something you can prepare of your own. 

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60kms From Chandigarh
Here are some scenic views of the Himalayan Express Highway which would take you to Kasauli (undoubtedly, came into picture after the Hindi movie "Koi Mil Gaya" portrayed Hrithik Roshan to be an inhabitant of this wonderful Himalayan town).

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Daily Needs of Keylong
For entire year, of course except winters, local residents here plays models and trophies for the tourists hovering from all over the world. They are used-to this, and never mind posing for you anymore, however, there are still people, especially ladies, who avoid getting photographed. Tourism is no doubt, that residents of Keylong welcome, but is this all they need?

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8:00 PM in Chennai a green polythene clamped my leg. Tried to jerk my leg to get rid of it, made a splash along with few eyes with big eyebrows raised towards me. I know people are already fed up with the jam, and the anger just needs a reason (even silly) to burst out.
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